Profile and history

History of the Company

MVV Energie CZ a.s. was established on 6 October 1993. The main line of business of the company, formerly operating under the name EPS ČR s.r.o., was the provision of energy-related services. The original majority owner of the company was the US-based Energy Performance Services Inc.

In 1999, the German MVV Energie AG, one of the largest heat-generating companies in Europe, bought a majority share. In the years that followed, it has managed to develop a large heat-generating group in the Czech Republic, which today operates in 15 towns throughout the country. MVV Energie CZ a.s. is wholly owned by the German MVV Energie AG.

Activities of the Company

MVV Energie CZ Group companies in particular operate in the field of heat generation and distribution. The MVV Energie CZ Group also produces electricity in eleven towns of the Czech Republic. Some of the subsidiaries also provide water management services and supply electronic telecommunications services and other services.

MVV Energie CZ a.s. has the most experience with the implementation of energy efficiency projects in the Czech Republic. In addition to projects employing EPC (Energy Performance Contracting), it also offers monitoring and targeting, energy contracting, outsourcing, energy audits, implementation of PPP projects (Public Private Partnerships) and the operation of energy sources to its customers throughout the country.


Energy Production

The company's motto is "Responsible Energy". The main sources of energy production in the MVV Energie CZ Group are environmental sources; especially natural gas. The geothermal source of energy operated by TERMO Děčín a.s. since 2002 is a unique project in the Czech Republic.  TERMIZO a.s. joined the MVV Energie CZ Group as of July 2011. It deals with energy-efficient use of waste.


Customers of the MVV Energie CZ Group

Our customers in fifteen cities across the Czech Republic are households, small and large companies and municipalities.

MVV Energie CZ Group - Fuel Base

MVV Energie CZ Group - Fuel Base 2019


MVV Energie CZ a.s.
Sídlo MVV Energie CZ a.s.
Kačírkova 982/4, 158 00 Praha 5 - Jinonice

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