Round tables for the modernization of the Mařatice heating plant in Uherské Hradiště brought new information

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On Tuesday, August 31, and on Wednesday, September 1, public discussions on the modernization of the heating plant in Mařatice took place in the Uherské Hradiště Culture Club. Representatives of our subsidiary CTZ and external experts presented additional information and answers to questions by representatives of the City of Uherské Hradiště and representatives of the Čisté Hradiště initiative on the topic of modernization. The subsequent discussion was also attended by representatives of the Zlín region, including the statutory deputy governor Hana Ančincová.

According to the final summary of Stanislav Blaha, mayor of Uherské Hradiště, there will be another discussion on the selection of a variant of modernization of the Mařatice heating plant at a meeting of the city council in November this year. Representatives will choose a variant of modernization, which he, as a representative of the city, will promote at the general meeting of CTZ, where the city owns a 49% stake.

Representatives of MVV and Uherské Hradiště confirmed their intention to stop burning coal and switch to a fuel or combination of fuels that will ensure stable heat prices to customers and minimize the plant's impact on the environment by signing a memorandum of understanding. This was signed on behalf of MVV by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Jörg Lüdorf and on behalf of Uherské Hradiště by the Mayor Stanislav Blaha.

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