Waste to energy (WtE)

In the Liberec region, we operate a waste-to-energy facility. Every year, municipal waste that would otherwise end up in landfills will be converted to heat and electricity for thousands of households. Concurrently, we eliminate groundwater, soil and air pollution in the region.

MVV waste to energy

We use waste for the generation of heat and electricity which are in turn supplied to households in the towns. This reduces the number of local heating sources, the biggest source of dioxins.

Compared with local heating sources, facilities for energy-efficient use of waste release up to 50,000 times less dioxins due to modern technology and high combustion temperatures.

  • The energy-efficient use of waste provides savings to the tune of 23 million m3 of natural gas or 30,000 tonnes of coal every year. Every year we supply thousands of gigajoules of heat and megawatts of electricity, along with tens of thousands of tonnes of construction materials and recycled metals, to our customers.
  • We reduce the volume of waste after its energy-efficient use to one-tenth. Every year we produce over 30,000 tons of certified slag as a construction material and separate out nearly two thousand tonnes of scrap iron, which is then processed by industry.
  • Each year we generate heat for the annual consumption of 12,400 households and supply electricity to cover the annual electricity needs of 6,000 households.
  • Every year we separate out 100 tonnes of toxic metals from waste, convert them into stable and insoluble forms and, under supervision, send them to secure landfill sites. In doing so, we eliminate groundwater contamination which would affect future generations.
  • Since 2012 we have successfully applied Regulation of the European Parliament No. 1907/2006, REACH, to our ash-based construction product. We are the only registered entity and registration holder in the entire European Union. REACH ensures the safety of the construction product for humans and the environment.
Diagram of waste utilization
Diagram of waste utilization
Energy-efficient use of waste
Energy-efficient use of waste
  • Our modern cleaning technology allows us to easily meet the strictest emission limits in the Czech Republic. For our waste-processing facilities the emission limits are 5 to 50 times stricter than those for other technologies.
For further information MVV Energie CZ a.s. recommends visiting www.odpadjeenergie.cz


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