Teplárna Liberec, a.s.

Teplárna Liberec, a.s.

Dr. Milady Horákové 641/34a, Liberec IV–Perštýn, 460 01  Liberec

Czech Republic
Identification No. 62241672
Tax identification No. CZ62241672


We supply the following services to our customers:

Teplárna Liberec, a.s.

Our customers

Teplárna Liberec, a.s. produces and purchases thermal energy and supplies it to customers in Liberec  and in the district of Vratislavice nad Nisou. The technology coupled with the TERMIZO waste-to-energy facility allows the company to effectively purchase and supply thermal energy generated by municipal waste incineration.

The heating plant also generates electricity which, together with the electricity purchased from the TERMIZO municipal waste incinerator, is supplied to the distribution network.

Fuel used for generation

Due to its state-of-the-art technology, Teplárna Liberec can utilise a multi-fuel system which can burn natural gas as well as low-sulphur fuel gas in any desired volume. The technology of the heating plant is coupled to a facility for energy-efficient use of waste from which the plant purchases thermal energy and which is in part used for generating activities.
Teplárna Liberec, a.s.


During the 2017–2018 financial year the company began to implement GreenNet, a wide-ranging project involving the replacement of one of the branches of the steam piping with a hot-water pipe and the reconstruction of the heating network leading to Pavlovice. For this project, Teplárna Liberec obtained CZK 70 million in subsidies from the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness. The construction work began in June 2018.

Among its planned activities, the company carried out the complete reconstruction of the chimney this year, to ensure the preservation of a sound environment for the town. Furthermore, the company completed the connection of the old people's home in Nová Ruda to commence the supply of heat from the heating season 2018-2019.



This year, Teplárna Liberec once again participated in the organisation of cultural and sporting projects. The company supported the Jizera-Ještěd Mountain Club and the Liberec Regional Governor's Ball.


Shareholder structure of the company

  • Energie Holding a.s. – 76.04%
  • Statutory City of Liberec – 23.96%

Bodies of the company

Board of Directors  
Martin Pěnčík Chairman of the Board of Directors
Petr Heincl Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors
Supervisory Board  
Jörg Lüdorf Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Jaroslav Pantůček Member of the Supervisory Board
Martin Drinka Member of the Supervisory Board
Jaromír Prokop, MBA Member of the Supervisory Board
Jiří Lenkvík Member of the Supervisory Board
Vítězslav Kvapil Member of the Supervisory Board
GreenNet committee  
 Jan Marek Member of the Committee GreenNet
 Jan Vencour Member of the Committee GreenNet
 Roman Petruch Member of the Committee GreenNet


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Sídlo MVV Energie CZ a.s.
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