TERMO Děčín a.s.

TERMO Děčín a.s.

Oblouková 958/25, 405 02 Děčín I

Czech Republic
Identification No. 64050882
Tax identification No. CZ64050882


We supply the following services to our customers:

TERMO Děčín a.s.

Our customers

TERMO Děčín is the main supplier of heat and hot water in the towns of Děčín and Jílové, and uses gas and geothermal water as sources. In the Czech Republic, this represents a unique system of central distribution of heat. In 2012, the geothermal-powered central heat generator in Benešovská street won the Project of the Decade award in a survey of professional journalists organised by the Association for District Heating of the Czech Republic

TERMO Děčín uses five central sources of thermal energy, one block boiler unit, and also seventeen house gas boiler units. The company also supplies treated water to the municipal technical services for the needs of the city and other legal entities.


Fuel used for generation

The company uses only natural gas and geothermal water for its production activities. The use of a geothermal source as fuel for district heating is unique in the Czech Republic.
TERMO Děčín a.s.


In the 2017–2018 financial year TERMO Děčín implemented several major projects focused primarily on the restoration of heat production and distribution facilities. The company upgraded its operations in the Bynov central heating supply unit, where it replaced cogeneration units with new ones. In the Benešovská central heating supply unit it overhauled the TČ2 heat pump, upgraded heat-pump compressor control and repaired the 170.5 m high stack.



The company also published a practical guide called "How to heat your home effectively" for its customers. The guide was followed up by the "Thermo Bonus", a package of services and advice prepared for customers.


Shareholder structure of the company

  • MVV Energie CZ a.s. – 96,91%
  • Statutory  City of Děčín – 3,09%

Bodies of the company

Board of Directors
Libor Štěpán Chairman of the Board of Directors
Jan Sulík Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors
Dozorčí rada  
Jörg Lüdorf Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Jaroslav Pantůček  Vice-chariman of the Supervisory Board
Pavel Herites Member of the Supervisory Board
Number of omployees* 35
Total revenue (in tsd. CZK) 234,890
Installed heat / electricity output 93.963 MW / 11.225 MW
Note: Annual revenues as per Czech Accounting Standards in the financial year 2016-2017.
* The figure is valid as on 30 September 2017 as published in the Annual Report 2016-2017.


Supply of thermal energy to
Households 8,442
Industrial facilities 1
Tertiary sphere customers 140
Supply of electricity to
Regional electric power distribution system 1
Note: The figure is valid as on 30 September 2017 as published in the Annual Report 2016-2017.


MVV Energie CZ a.s.
Sídlo MVV Energie CZ a.s.
Kutvirtova 339/5, 150 00 Praha 5

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